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Datum: 10.05.2015
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Rezensionen zu: Race Master Holster


As far as form and fit goes, it\'s really silmiar to the current iphone 4 defender series, the major differences are the cut outs for the front and the back. Also to make note, these cases work on ALL models of the iPhone, whether you have a sprint, verizon, or AT&T model, they\'ll all work.Otterbox\'s old defender series didnt properly work with the white iphone 4 due to the location change of the proximity sensor. People would be dialing with their cheek, ear, face, etc because the screen wouldnt shut off. Now with the larger cut out, otterbox has fixed this issue and made the case truly work with all models of the iphone 4/4S, both white and black.Otterbox has also changed the rear camera opening to be one huge opening. This is because of some complaints of the flash reflecting off the old case and washing out photos. It\'s also because the camera is slightly different on the 4S, which requires the huge opening we\'re starting to see on every case available.The colors are a lot better, they match, they\'re catchier. They\'ve still left the back cut out which shows the apple logo. I find this cut out really useless and unnecessary, but it\'s nice they also add the same clear protective film that\'s used on the screen protector.The built in screen protector feels the same, still gets finger prints and dust on it, but a quick and easy wipe with a cloth or shirt cleans it off.If you have a white iphone, or are getting the new 4S on october 14th, this is the case for you! It\'ll protect your phone from everyday drops, accidents, and bumps. This case is a tank and definitely worth the money. Though it is a steep fifty dollars compared to the price of the old defender series currently, it\'s still worth the extra money.EDIT: I just got my 4S in the mail a few hours ago and let it fully charge up before using. After it was done, I put the old otterbox defender on the 4S and it works fine with the black model, but not my sister\'s white model. The proximity sensor on the black does turn on and off just fine. The issue is though, the camera looks blurry and washed out with the case on. This truly is why otterbox made the huge opening on the new 4S cases. So get one of the new defenders ASAP, otherwise your pictures will look like crap.UPDATE 10/25/2011:I\'ve been using this new case on the 4S for a while now, enough to have a solid review based off real world use. It\'s a great case, and I still stand by my original first hand review. One thing I noticed on the old defender was that dust would get in from somewhere, and then sneak under screen protector and look horrible when the screen was off. I haven\'t noticed any dust on the new 4S case underneath the screen. I dropped my phone when handing it to a friend, and it held up. It fell about 3-4 feet in the air, and it looks unharmed, so I\'m glad I really have the 4S defender on my iphone, otherwise who knows, I might be stuck with broken glass on my screen.The colors are a bit different in real life, than what Otterbox shows on their website, and here on amazon, but they\'re still beautiful and good looking.Again, I recommend this case! [url=]rwtuwrwr[/url] [link=]qlxrzjhmon[/link]

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